We are a start-up digital advertising agency, handling various numbers of clients, from telcos to FMCGs, from fast foods to cosmetics.

We are expanding and currently looking for young digital advertising enthusiast to join our dynamic team

1. Digital Strategic Planner
You are the mastermind of the advertising campaign, constants research, review, and monitoring are the basic skills you have to ensure the deliverables are met at the end of the campaign. Digital advertising is your life and passion; you yearn and hunger for it as time grows.

2. Digital Media Planner & Executive
You are a chess player; you know where to put your advertising to capture the right audience. Precise calculation and predicts the opponents moves is the skills you had. Up-to-date with newest media breakthrough & advertising system, as almost you are the walking digital advertising dictionary to the team.

3. Social Media Ambassador
You are the gate to the world, courage, quick witted, to aid consumer problems and needs are your desire. You are the helping hand to the world of unknown, a knight for the client. To be in the frontline is your passion.

4. Digital Account Executive
You are a digital consultant to the client, you own the brand as it is your own child. Digital advertising is your daily breakfast and your snacks. You will represent the agency and the client at the same time. You set the timetables and deliverables, and help the client achieve its utmost objectives. Perseverance is in your blood

If you think you got what we need, bring it on!
Send your resume and expected salary, to andreas@toolbardigital.com
Put the position you desire as the email subject.


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