PT LAUTAN LUAS Tbk, established in 1951, is a distributor and manufacturer of specialty and basic chemicals. In addition to its Jakarta head office, the Company has five branches and six representative offices in Indonesia as well as a main regional subsidiary in Singapore, and offices in China, Thailand and Vietnam to oversee Distribution activities. In Manufacturing, Lautan Luas established 17 production facilities in Indonesia, three in China and is building its first manufacturing facility in Vietnam. Lautan Luas has also set up a Support & Service business segment made of four subsidiaries that were previously the Company's internal departments – laboratory, supply chain, IT and water treatment – to provide value-add services to customers.

Born of modest origins, Lautan Luas has grown to be Indonesia's leading chemical distributor and manufacturer, as it works with over 100 international principals, supplies more than 1,000 chemical products and serves some 2,000 industrial end-users throughout Indonesia and the Asia-Pacific region. And as Lautan Luas continues to grow, our corporate vision remains the foundation for growth and expansion: To be the leading regional integrated chemical distribution and manufacturing company by providing value to customers in becoming preferred business partner, challenge and opportunities to our employees, and superior return to our shareholders.

For PT LAUTAN LUAS Tbk, this means sustaining a Total Quality Management mindset. Strong emphasis is placed on the cultivation of a learning culture, where employees take great pride and joy in being a part of a talent-focused organization. Our employees are provided internal and external training for both professional and personal development to ensure a highly crafted and learned talent base. More importantly, at Lautan Luas, each individual is challenged to deliver only the best, rewarded for exceeding objectives and encouraged to enjoy the journey of a successful career.

Therefore, PT LAUTAN LUAS Tbk challenges you to join us for the following opportunities:

1. Transport Supervisor ( TRPSPV )

Perform a variety of functions to ensure that quality of transportation service is efficiently delivered to customers


· Preferably bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering / Transport Management

· Having a minimum of 3 years experience in the same position

· Having experiences in handling distribution

· Mastering "Lane Road" specially in West Java, Banten and Jakarta

· Understand the rules / procedures of the road

· Domiciled in Tangerang area and to be posted in Tangerang

2. Business Consultant (BUSCON)

Be responsible in giving solutions regarding application programs needed by customers, starting from identifying the customer needs, determining technical specifications, preparing user documentations, exercising the new systems and conducting training of systems to the customers.


  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science

· Preferably having a minimum 1 year programming experience especially in developing Orange

  • Preferably having 1 year experience in handling project as Business Consultant

3. System Engineer (SYSENG)

Responsible for performing computer programming, including preparation of program documentation, logic programs & structure charts, test & debugs computer programs; preparing technical documentation.


  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science
  • Having wide knowledge of Visual Basic 6, Visual, Cystal report and SQL Server
  • Preferably having 1 year experience as a Programmer or Application Engineer

4. Accounting (ACCT)

Responsible for good recording of all transactions


  • Bachelor Degree in Accounting
  • Having a minimum of 1 year experience as Accounting Staff
  • Having knowledge of Accounting System
  • To be posted in Jakarta and Bandung

5. Process Engineering Manager (PEMGR)

Responsible for designing water and/or waste water treatment plant properly and to commission the system once built completely


· Bachelor Degree in Chemical / Mechanical / Electrical Engineering

· Having work experience in Water Treatment with a minimum of 3 years as Process Engineer

· Good command of spoken and written English

· Able to work independently or as a team player

· Ability to travel is a must

6. Sales Executive (SE)

Grow sales in existing customers and develop new business opportunities


· Bachelor Degree in Food Technology ( To be posted in Semarang and Surabaya )

· Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering / Industrial Engineering ( To be posted in Jakarta )

· Preferably having a minimum of 1 year sales experience; although fresh graduates are encouraged to apply

· Good command of spoken and written English

· Ability to travel and work independently are a must

7. Technical Staff (TCHSF)

As part of sales team, be responsible to give the most applicable advised as a solution in term of technical matters.


· Graduate of SMAK ( chemical Analyst ) Bogor

· Having a minimum of 1 year technical experience in pulp and paper

· Work independently and keen to travel

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